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philippe_debongnie_au travail

I am a Belgian illustrator. I paint, draw, print and Photoshop images. I love working with different mediums, tools and shapes. I also love portraits. I find the human figure to be so full of everything, I could draw faces for the rest of my life. The way people think, behave, dress, talk, sing and all they do inspire me a lot and that really makes me want to portray them. Most of the time, Photoshop is the place where my images come together. I draw, paint, doodle, sketch and paste it all together in Photoshop trying to keep a handmade look but also to bring more to it by digitally retouching it. The feeling I want to convey with my images is something like:”great, he drew that, well done, but how did he get that look? How does that work?” Handmade yet slightly disturbing in the end.

I have three sisters, a beautiful wife, two young children and no pets. I find humans much more interesting and enough to look after. I was born in Belgium and I now live in Brussels. Traveled a lot. Held numerous jobs and finally settled on teaching. I teach at Saint-Luc in Brussels. When I do not teach, I draw and paint or I run the blog: jazzanddraw.com.

client list includes:
Victoire magazine, La Recherche, Imagine/demain le monde, Lehigh University, Duvel, DJAM Paris, ça flim and Jankele.

The Best Illustrated Cocktail Recipes, Nate Padavick and Salli Swindell, November 2012.
Creative Lettering: Techniques & Tips from Top Artists, Jenny Doh, planned March 2013.

2012 – winner of the Duvel glass design contest with this design.

You can find interviews on Illustration Rally, zero2illo, the Magic bus magazine, in the 13th issue of the Sweat zine and here is a video where I explain my work a bit, you can also get a look at my workplace and the people I work with.

IF – storm