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family album


Self-initiated work, it is now licensed by Mc Gaw Graphics and by les éditions de Mai


I started this project after I came across an old photography book in my parents attic. These images are great to start with, they are so full of essence, they talk of times long passed, they are incredible memories of an era in which taking a photo was an adveture of itself. People in those images are so still, so there. They usually look directly at the photographer and at us through time. They seem to want to talk to us, to tell us about splendors passed. Time is felt within those images and I really wanted to work with this material, to question it. You have an old photograph, you have the prints, the colors and then you have the animal heads. What is real? what is old? what is added? Somehow, the images are confusing but endearing, the animals seem to have really existed. And it is exactly what I was aiming for because trhough this series I also wanted to express something about the diversity of the human family, not only physically but also regarding our tastes, values and principles. We are all different and that’s part of the fun.