I am a Belgian illustrator. I paint, draw, print and Photoshop images. I love working with different mediums, tools and shapes. I also love portraits. I find the human figure to be so full of everything, I could draw faces for the rest of my life. The way people think, behave, dress, talk, sing and all they do inspire me a lot and that really makes me want to portray them. Most of the time, Photoshop is the place where my images come together. I draw, paint, doodle, sketch and paste it all together in Photoshop trying to keep a handmade look but also to bring more to it by digitally retouching it. The feeling I want to convey with my images is something like:"great, he drew that, well done, but how did he get that look? How does that work?" Handmade yet slightly disturbing in the end.

I have three sisters, a beautiful wife, two young children and no pets. I find humans much more interesting and enough to look after. I was born in Belgium and I now live in Brussels. Traveled a lot. Held numerous jobs and finally settled on teaching. I teach at Saint-Luc in Brussels. When I do not teach, I draw and paint or I run the blog: jazzanddraw.com.


La pension Almayer, collective book, éditions Jourdan, February 2019.

The Best Illustrated Cocktail Recipes, Nate Padavick and Salli Swindell, November 2012.

Creative Lettering: Techniques & Tips from Top Artists, Jenny Doh,  March 2013.


My client list icludes : 24h01, Thalys, La Recherche, les éditions Jourdan, Lehigh University, Duvel, Amyris éditions, Yovo editions, Jansen legal, la fabrique de jardins, Blonde of Saint-Tropez and Jankele.

My images are distributed by : les éditions de Mai, McGaw Graphics, Art Licensing and Threadcurry.


2012 - winner of the Duvel glass design contest with this design.

You can find interviews I did for LM Magazine and in the 13th issue of the Sweat zine.

Here is a video shot in 2013 where I explain my work a bit, you can also get a look at my workplace and the people I work with.

Here is a newer one. Shot in my new studio.